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Word of mouth is powerful, but are you utilizing every online tool to do the same in the digital landscape? Work with The Social Medium experts to create your digital network and ensure your business is being referred both in person and online.

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Learn the Tools of Today's Trade

The tools may have changed, but their purpose remains the same: to retain your existing base and acquire new customers. How are you creating a powerful culture in your business and using social media, reviews, and digital content to promote your brand?
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From One Expert to Another

We are here to help you take your vision and share it with the world. We focus on what makes you the best in your business, and let our experts assist in determining your digital strategy. It’s a win-win.
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Fields we specialize in

No matter how powerful of a marketing tool you utilize, if the service is not memorable, you will be lost in the noise with all of the other competitors. Even worse, if the service is terrible, the business is not sustainable. The Social Medium’s Signature Package offers a comprehensive breakdown of what makes your business unique and different. We benchmark with the competition and align it with your vision. We take that best in class experience and help you create brand ambassadors that will grow you business.

Do you know the competition? Is your brand truly unique? What is the benchmark for your field of service? That’s where we come in to help you create the right strategy.


Your Brand is what the customers are saying about your business. From the products and services you offer, to the unique experience they get to have with you. We help you define, implement, and fine-tune your brand.

Tailored Strategy

Our team takes the vision you have for your business and pair it with how you currently stand in the digital space to create a customized, comprehensive solution that is unique to each and every business.

Social Media

Social Media is THE most powerful tool to help your spread your vision. It is also one of the most underutilized channels, but those who understand it, reap the bountiful benefits. We are here to guide you.

Content Creation

Watching TV, scrolling through Facebook, and even driving along the road exposes you to countless advertisements everyday. We help you deliver content that draws attention to your business by breaking up the monotony.


We’ll work with you to identify your passion and your business’s strengths. Not only can our team solidify your digital strategy and monitor your progress, but we’ll also train either yourself or your staff to operate what NEEDS to be done.

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Social media is here to stay


Of customers are influenced by online reviews


Of consumers research reviews and choose to do business within one week


Of customers won't consider a business with a poor rating


Of customers say ratings are the most important signal

Social Package

Amp up your social presence
We'll evaluate your digital presence and will customize a solution fit for your business
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    • Analysis of your online presence
    • Tailored online strategy
    • Creating/modifying your brand
    • Bi-Weekly follow ups
    • Webinars on when/how to utilize the social media platform

    In the social package, we customize a tailor made strategy that is unique to your business. We help you identify the current gaps within your online marketing strategy and implement our solutions to help you gain traction in the online space. We meet with you bi-weekly to track your progress and offer webinars on how to utilize social media to expand your brand. Creating brand ambassadors are the key to spreading the word about your business, and the social package does just that!

    Signature Package

    360° business consulting
    Everything from the social package with extensive coaching and training
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      • Social package with content creation included
      • Comprehensive analysis of your marketing strategy with weekly followups
      • Training is offered to staff members to execute the brand strategy
      • Performance analysis that measure your most important KPIs
      • Access to monthly newsletter that outlines everything you need to know about the online space

      In the Signature Package, we take a deeper dive into your business to help you find the inefficiencies. Just like the Social Package, we create a custom-made strategy that is specific to your business, but the Signature Package offers training to your employees to help create structure. We help you create content for your online marketing efforts and do weekly performance calls with you to make sure we are on pace for your goals. You also get access to our monthly newsletters that highlights changes in the online space, such as new laws that pass or changes in Google’s Algorithm.

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